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Where To Next? It’s Time To Start Traveling Again

As Covid-19 infections and hospitalizations begin to decrease, people are starting to get the travel bug. Or at least, the travel itch! And although planning a trip can be exciting, it can also be daunting. Where do I look for the best price for flights and hotels? Where do I go? For how long? A lot of logistics, and sometimes, a lot of money. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Here are some webpages that can help you find the best deal!


Google Flights

Google flights is one of my favorites because of its extensive list of filters you can apply when searching for a flight. Some of these filters include, stops, airlines, bags, price, times, emissions, connecting airports, and much more!

These filters allow you to zero in on the best price where and when you feel most comfortable! It pulls data from each airline and travel agency to find the best deals for you. It is both easy to use and extremely visually pleasing, with calendar view and familiar google graphic aspects. Another feature is you can track flights and get notified when they are at their cheapest.

Flight/Hotels/Car Rentals


This Canada based company is my personal #1 website I visit to search for the best deals. With 95% accuracy on future flights and hotel prices, this site is not only easy to navigate but it also can be used as an app on your phone. The best thing about Hopper – it allows you to “watch” flights. This means that you can essentially save your flight details and Hopper will notify you when the best price becomes available. This saves you A LOT of time by removing the daily act of checking back to see if the price has dropped. Hopper get a big slap of approval in my book! You can book hotels and car rentals right from their site as well.

Kayak Explore

An extension of Kayak, kayak explore, is a go-to of mine when I just don’t know where or when I want to travel. The webpage is really neat in that it allows you to see the entire world and where the best deals are. You can move your mouse and scan the entire world for the best prices. If you don’t know when or for how long you want to be away, there is an option to pick “Anytime, Any Duration”. This will give you a comprehensive list of destinations with the best deals for a certain length of time. If you do know, say, how long you would like to be gone for, you can choose the dates or the length of time and then scan where the best deal is during that duration.

You have the option to choose your budget, overall flight time, stops and type of trip. You can use this site to search for the best deals on flights, hotels, cars, things to do, packages, train and cruises. You can track your flights on this site to – saving you time! A new feature they offer on this site is more information about travel restrictions due to Covid-19. You can choose by country and Kayak will inform you what the specific country allows whether you are unvaccinated or vaccinated.

Entire Trip Deals

Living Social

I never knew anything about living social until I was planning my graduation trip. I knew I wanted to go abroad but I didn’t want to spend the amount of money I knew going abroad was going to cost. That’s when I discovered Living Social. This site allows you to search for nearby hotel deals and weekend getaways. But the most valuable thing they do is plan an entire international trip for you for an AMAZING price. Let me convince you just a bit more….

For an 8 days Tuscany vacation with hotel, airfare and transportation included is $699 per person. Let me break it down even more. This trip includes:

  1. Roundtrip airfare
  2. Rental car
  3. Airline taxes
  4. 6 nights in hotel
  5. Daily breakfast

At first I didn’t believe it. But after doing a living social trip myself – it was one of the best trips of my life. Not only because of the reasonable price, but also for the detailed itinerary and all that it included. The travel deals change daily so if you do not love the trips they are offering – check back tomorrow. They may be different!

The best advice I ever received was, “the best education you will ever get is traveling. Nothing teaches you more than exploring the world and accumulating experiences.”

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