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Affordable Retirement Community

Even if you’re not quite of retirement age, you can still enjoy affordable retirement living.
After working hard your whole life, it’s finally time to relax.

Our comfortable and safe adult community draws the friendliest people you will ever meet, all young at heart. You will often find them waving, so feel free to stop and ask how they like living here. Pine View Village is more than an affordable retirement community – it’s where residents truly live the good life. We’re an over 55 community—living in one of the best places to retire on a budget.

Our beautiful outdoor pool area creates a space for residents to enjoy the warm summer days. Our cozy, quiet community lined with paved sidewalks perfect for morning stroll to our two charming fish-stocked lakes.

Purple Martins have even made a home here, nesting by the ponds during breeding season, and returning every year after they’ve migrated south for the winter. With their fun spirits and aerial acrobatics, they share our enjoyment for the good life.

Though serene and detached, Deborah/Lourdes hospital nearby adds a level of comfort and reassurance for all of our residents at Pine View.


The most affordable retirement community is one that puts you at ease–especially for adults 55+.

Pine View Terrace is not a cheap Mobile Home Park. Its affordability and convenience makes it an ideal inexpensive senior living community.

Pine View Terrace’s monthly maintenance fee is only $600 and includes:

  • Taxes
  • Clean/Safe Water
  • Sewer
  • Trash pick-up
  • Snow removal
  • Access to our seasonal, outdoor heated swimming pool
  • On-site mail delivery
  • Secured compound area
  • Stocked pond for catch and release fishing
  • Full-time maintenance staff

2023 Average Monthly Housing Fees for Retirement Communities

With New Jersey’s average monthly property tax rate of $790, Pine View Terrace residents get the most for their money. This chart shows a comparison of monthly charges for retirement housing communities. Other retirement communities have HOA fees that may not include expenses for water and sewer–making the affordable monthly fee at Pine View Terrace even more attractive. The dark purple column to the right illustrates the frightening reality of New Jersey’s average property taxes (not including any utilities or amenities), making Pine View Terrace a more affordable choice of living.

We use clean and highly efficient natural gas, which is significantly less expensive than oil. Drive by us at night, when our gas lawn lamps softly illuminate the entire neighborhood.