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Trailer vs. Manufactured Home: The Difference Between Them and Why “Trailer” is No Longer an Acceptable Term

Trailer Vs. Manufactured Home - here's an example that shows how much nicer a manufactured home can be, at NJ's best place to retire - Pine View Terrace

Trailer vs. manufactured home – is there really a difference? The only thing that makes us cringe more than nails on a chalkboard is when someone refers to one of our homes as a “trailer”.

The word “trailer” originated prior to June, 1976 before HUD code went into effect. HUD stands for, Housing and Urban Development, and prior to the code going into effect in 1976 dwellings did not need to be built to suffice any particular building standard.

After HUD code was established, the building standard of these mobile homes (interchangeably known as “trailers”) went up. The code mandates a licensed HUD engineer to inspect each home prior to someone moving in. These inspectors are up-to-date with all licenses they need to make sure each and every home complies with the state’s housing code. Today, all homes are built according to code and are referred to as Manufactured Homes. They are carefully crafted in controlled environments and built to the same standards as stick built homes.

The only difference between a manufactured home and a stick built home is where they are built and the foundation they sit on. All of our manufactured homes at Pine View sit on a 6-inch concrete slab and are secured with tie downs and set by a professional set crew. They are all single level and extremely low maintenance, making these homes a great option for 55 and over adults looking to downsize.

trailer vs. manufactured home . In this 55+ retirement village, living in a manufactured home comes with a lot of amenities.
Trailer vs. Manufactured Home: Monthly Fee

Living in a manufactured home is becoming a very popular and affordable way to live. In fact, today 22 million people live in manufactured homes across the country.

At Pine View, buying a manufactured home with us is extremely easy! We own the land and you own the home. What this means is that after the purchase of your home you pay a land lease fee of $525/month, making it one of the most affordable places to retire in New Jersey.

Check out our chart to see the many amenities this fee includes!

In addition to the monthly fee, you are responsible for your gas, electric, and maintaining your own yard. Don’t fret – we have resident’s in the community that cut grass, landscape and pick up leaves for a small fee!

Many community owners like ourselves have tried to steer away from the word “trailer” for years because of the negative connotation it brings to the world of manufactured homes. The standard at which our homes are built today has completely changed since the 1970’s and we are proud and happy to provide an affordable and safe housing option for the 55 and over community.

When driving through our community, you’ll notice a few homes that look like the quintessential “trailer home”. Well, that’s because we were founded in 1963 by my grandfather, Verdon Skipper, and are in the process of removing all of the empty older homes and replacing them with new.

When it comes to trailer vs. manufactured home, there really is no contest, so in our community we prohibit the resale of homes that do not meet the HUD code standard. This is the reason our community looks the way it does. Pine View Terrace is our pride and joy, and we make sure that we continue to fill Pine View with safe, HUD inspected homes, that our residents can live in for years to come!

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